Parent and Teacher Reviews

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“You’ve done an excellent job in the way that your book makes kids aware of all the danger out there but in a way that also lets them keep their innocence. After reading the book my grandson started asking questions.”

Grandmother of 11-year old, Tyler

“My granddaughter said she liked the book so much because she had never read or seen such a colorful book directed at kids to explain what drugs were about. She simply loved the full-color illustrations. Her hero was Halfweed because she wanted to help. But she said she did feel sorry for the super weird, bad character. She said she hopes it makes the school’s approved reading list so other kids can read it.”

Grandmother of 10-year old, McKinley

“Drug abuse is something all students know about whether they’ve experienced it first hand in their families or not. Not Me, It’s a Trap! will not only explain the dangers and consequences involved, but it will keep their attention with an exciting plot. As the drug characters come to life, their devious plans are exposed through their tricks to harm children and their families. The lessons about making good choices will keep children engaged as they cheer for the book’s heroes, Tommy and Halfweed, and you’ll find yourself cheering for this book too!”

Mrs. Brittain, Fourth Grade Teacher

“I read the book along with my son. He knows drugs are wrong and they can ruin his life, but now he notices what other kids are doing and talks to me about it.”

Mother of Ryan, age 9 1/2

“Wow! I have got to brag on my longtime friend, Charles Forest Burton, for his new book and teacher’s guide, Not Me, It’s a Trap! It should be required study for every facility and home that houses trouble kids, including your own home and your well-behaved kids. Schools and churches should be running to buy this book and teacher’s guide.

Kids are using drugs earlier than ever before. Many are starting in their preteen years. If that does not motivate you to act early and teach kids how to avoid drugs, then by all means, wait until they are teenagers and try to turn that Titanic around!”

Sharon M. R.

“I love Not Me, It’s a Trap! I think all school counselors and teachers should read it to the children. It covers every kind of drug and every reason why and how you can be fooled into using drugs and abusing alcohol. It’s written in such an exciting way and the illustrations are fantastic!”

Pamela K.

“Not Me, It’s a Trap! provides great insight and awareness for children concerning the truth about addiction and drug use. With the relatable characters and storyline, young people can easily grasp the concepts of the real dangers of drugs, and be entertained by an exciting adventure at the same time.”

Sr. Pastor Eldred Sawyer, inner city church, Dallas.
Care Center Ministries

“The book Not Me, It’s a Trap!, by Charles F. Burton, is an excellent tool for children, teens, and adults to learn the dangers of drugs. It is filled with good pictures that keep children interested. It should be read in schools so that young minds have help to understand how devastating life can be if they use drugs.”

Peggy J.

“Your years of training and firsthand experience make you the best man to write a book like this. Oh, how our children need this information before they are confronted with the drug temptation that is coming!”

Rev. Jim Brackman, retired Chaplain
Shreveport Rescue Mission