Eleven year old Tommy and his father, a research scientist, discover a microscopic world of tobacco particles, meth, cocaine, and alcohol droplets that behave like living creatures. Calling themselves drug terrorists, they are organized like soldiers in their War on Kids. Hack, a sinister old terrorist from the tobacco family, is their cruel leader who demands total loyalty from every drug species. Their scheming plan is to destroy kids by influencing them to experiment with addictive drugs.

Halfweed, a young member of the tobacco family, defies her terrorist heritage by believing it is wrong to hurt kids. When she speaks out about what is right, she is ridiculed by the drug underworld. Rather than back down, Half-weed devises a plan to stop the devious forces, even if she must do it alone.

front-coverWhen Tommy reveals the War on Kids to his classmates, they laugh at his unbelievable story and make fun of his dad. The police think the whole story sounds crazy, until Tommy’s family gets death threats from drug dealers and users.

Will he warn his classmates about the dangers of experimenting with drugs? Will he choose to do what he knows is right? Can he and his dad find a way to help Halfweed stop the War on Kids? Learn More